Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sister Millie Gives Step by Step Instructions on her Signature Updo!

1. I wash my hair with Shea Moisture Shampoo (Walgreens or Target)

2. I condition my hair with Aussie Moist and then deep condition with Shea Moisture Purification Masque (the one in the jar with the black label) Rinse it all out completely

3. Next, I use Giovanni leave in or Paul Mitchell The Generic Leave in and detangle my hair section by section. Once a section is detangled, I put it in medium twists.

4. Now you are ready to start the updo! I start at the bottom of my hair. I make a part going straight across. Then I half that. I cornrow one braid to the middle and twist the ends. Then I do the same for the other side.

5. I continue this all the way to the top of my head where I want to stop and start single twists. Sometimes I single twists just the top/front. Sometimes I single twist one whole side

6. Once I finish my whole head, I get some bobby pins and pin the twisted ends of the cornrowed portion going upwards to where the single twists start I use the wide bobby pins (usually takes about 6-8 pins to secure).

And there you have it! The perfect and easy updo! Comment below if you have any questions!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blown-out and Twisted Hair

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are enjoying your hair journey and have some cool things to share with me! :-)
As I stated in an earlier post, I have been really boring with my hair lately. I've mostly worn twists all summer. The upside to that is that my hair is growing like wildfire!! The protectiveness of twists and moisturizing daily has really given my hair a boost! Today I treated myself to a blow-out (blow-dried my hair), and then twisted it up. What I did:
I washed, conditioned, and detangled my hair yesterday. I used SheaMoisture Sheabutter Leave-in conditioner (the original kind...found on amazon) to twist up my hair in medium twists. I wore them all night and all day today so they could dry. I took down one twist at a time, added some grapeseed oil (great natural heat protectant), and blew dry that section and twisted it back up. I did this for my entire head and was left with big chunky twists:
I could have worn these as is, or pinned them up for an elegant updo. I also could have worn them overnight to set, and untwisted in morning for a huge chunky twistout! But I wanted to be lazy for the rest of the week, so I twisted them into smaller twists using one of my homemade butter/oil concoctions. Result:

I know they dont look much smaller from the front. But the ones in the back are half the size. I then experimented a little....updo

Or you could stick with an easy, breezy ponytail:
For my nighttime routine, I took them out of the ponytail and slipped on a satin headwrap. And thats it! Let me know what you've been doing with your natural hair!!