Styles (How-to)



1.Wash, condition, detangle hair.
2. Apply Leave-in conditioner all over hair.
3.Section hair. (Smaller sections =smaller twists Etc)
4.Take one section and apply hair butter/cream and comb/brush to distribute product evenly.
5. Divide that section into two. Twist strands around eachother until you get to the end.
6. Twirl the end around your finger in a circular motion(this keeps twist from unraveling)
7. Repeat steps 4-6 for each section of hair.

*When twists dry or get old from wearing...You can then unravel them for a TWISTOUT!

For my wash n go look, I wash or conditioner-wash my hair, detangle in 4 sections while deep conditioner is in my hair. Then apply leave-in conditioner, and next gel (unless I'm going for gel-free which gives more volume and softness but less definition and hold) from root to tips all over my sectioned hair, shake it, and let it airdry or sit under the dryer. (Do not touch while it sets and dries). Then you can pick the roots for more volume!

Happy styling!!