Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Giovanni Direct Leave-in Weightless Moisture Conditioner: Review

Hey guys! Sorry I've been away. But I have been real boring lately with my hair. I've been rocking two strand twists during the week and twistouts on the weekends. I do pin them up sometimes or pull them in a ponytail or bun...but other than that, nothing! I moisturize my twists every other day with a 50/50 water and aloe vera juice mix, followed by either coconut oil or SheaMoisture Deep Treatment Masque to seal in the moisture. I then put on my satin bonnet or scarf and go to bed.
What I AM excited about is what I've been using as my leave-in conditioner/styler for my twists lately: Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner. Its about $7 for 8 oz on the organic row in Walmart or Target. You can find it several other places as well. My hair drinks this stuff up! I apply it to very wet hair right after washing and detangle and twist my hair up. I love the way it moisturizes, foams up, detangles, and makes my ends curl easily at the ends of my twists! After twisting with this, I allow my hair to dry about 70-80% and then I squeeze in some moisturizer and a little oil. When it's time to twistout, my hair is shiny, bouncy, fluffy, and sooo soft!! I love it!! The following photo is from this past weekend! (that is my bff/woadie Kameelah...check out her fitness center: www.wow-fitness.com if you wanna get/stay "foine") :-)


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another Protective Updo Courtesy of Sister Millie!

On damp, almost dry hair, she used my homeade butter concoction to do small twists and cornrows. I LOVE this style! Please believe me when I say she WILL be doing this style on my hair when she visits in a couple of weeks! :-)
Check her out! #proudbigsis