Fye Regimen!

Quick summary:
I shampoo/cowash my hair weekly.
I do a deep treatment on my hair weekly.
I trim my ends as needed...usually every 3-4 months.
I moisturize my hair daily. Especially the ends.

Detailed summary:
Once a week, before I shampoo/cowash my hair, I section it into four sections using hair clips. Then I get in the shower (with my hair still in 4 quadrants), and take down 1 section and cleanse my scalp gently, making sure I don’t add more tangles to my hair. I rinse that section under the shower stream and move on to the next section. I do this for all 4 sections.
I then take down each section and add conditioner to that section and detangle using my fingers only (I rarely use combs or brushes).
Wide tooth combs work great though if needed. I let the conditioner sit on my hair while I finish my shower routine: bathing, shaving, etc. I then rinse my hair under a cool water shower stream with my hair still sectioned off to prevent retangling the hair.
( Once a week I do a deep treatment: example: Apply deep conditioner and let that sit on my hair for an hr under a heated turban or dryer).
So after getting out of the shower, my hair is detangled and ready to style. I apply a leave-in conditioner first to each section and then my hair butter and twist it up, or my styling cream or gel for a wash n set look…air drying is always best. You can also sit under a dryer, or if you have to, diffuse on med-low heat. It always is a good idea to seal your ends with oil. This helps prevent breakage by keeping in moisture.

I also think it’s important to assess whether or not your hair needs clarifying, protein, or extra moisture…

For clarifying, I use 1/4 Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with warm water. ( this rids hair and scalp of buildup) or Kinky Curly Come Clean shampoo.

For protein, I use either Aphoghee 2 step treatment or their 2 minute reconstructor.

For moisture, I make sure to deep treat more often and seal hair with oil.