Who is Fyecurls?

Fyecurls, Inc. is a health and beauty brand focused on expanding knowledge of healthy natural hair care and overall health in general.

Who am I?
I am a happily married mother of three! I have a BSN in Nursing and am a currently the CEO of Fybencia Inc, an apparel and pre-tied headwear company. www.Fybencia.com. Years ago, people always complimented me on my long, flowing (relaxed) hair. After I had my children, I started experimenting with my hair: coloring, cutting, etc. I was bored with the lifeless hair that I had. If I wanted a head full of curls, it meant sitting under the dryer for 2-3 hours! One day, I started noticing naturally textured hair in magazines and on tv. I realized that I had always loved it, but it never occurred to me that I could have it! That's when I started watching videos, reading blogs, and talking to the hand-full of people that I knew who were natural (shout out cousin Senetra)! So on April 30, 2009, I big chopped! I only had about 1/4 inch of hair but I felt so free and beautiful!!! My hair has grown a lot since then and I now rock locs! I've learned so much from experimenting and reading anything about natural hair that I could get my hands on! I hope my site is helpful! I also have YouTube Videos and am on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! Now @Carla_Fye