Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fye-girl "Kameelah WOW -Fitness" Does Her Big Chop!

My friend aka "my adopted sister" gave me the honor of doing her BC on March 19, 2010! She is truly the last in her rather large immediate family to "go natural." So they, as well as I, are very excited for her to experience the freedom, beauty and versatility that natural hair offers! She has always been fab, but in my totally unbiased opinion,:-), she looks extra fab now! You go girl! Pics below are from her bc night, and the next day, when her cousin added hair color. She gets a 10 on the WOW-o-meter!


  1. KAMEELAH!!! that is gorgeous! I am so proud of you girl! You're a beautiful woman...what inspiration! Congrats!!