Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Excerpt from a wonderful letter I received today!!!

I am sooooo pleased that you are sharing your experiences with the world. God blessed women of color with beautiful thick, coarse, kinky/curly, cold-black crowns, so that we can truly be the majestic queens that we were created to be! This is not to imply that whites are not attractive. All people were created by God, and all are beautiful.

However, instead of being grateful for our natural beauty, most of us are ashamed of it!

I completely understand these feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. For 24 years, I felt the very same way. I thought the only pretty hair was long, straight, hair.
It is a blessing that an increasing number of black people are opening their eyes--their minds, hearts, and spirits--to truth.

Thanks again for your extremely valuable blog. God bless you!

Theressa Wesley

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