Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Exact hair regimen:

Someone asked me to tell exactly what I use on my hair and how...So here goes...

Wash-n-go look:

While in shower, I wet my hair and cowash with one of my fav condioners (listed in previous post). I do my shower duties: bathing, shaving, etc. then detangle with a wide tooth comb under the running water. I rinse it out with cool water. I then put some more conditioner in and and quickly dip my head back in the water to just rinse SOME of the conditioner out. Do not towel dry hair. Either shake off the excess water, or pat with a t-shirt, or microfiber cloth. This prevents frizz. Then to style, I add some essential oil: coconut/olive oil/castor oil and rake my fingers through sections of hair. If I want more curl definition, I add some type of alcohol free gel (ecostyler, kinky curly curling custard, curly magic,etc)

Two strand twist/twist out:

For this style, I take small sections of hair, detangle with a fine tooth comb or denman brush, add hair butter and a pinch of gel and twist hair until I get to the ends. I twirl the ends to keep them from unraveling. I do this all over and let dry. Then I either wear like this for a week, or I untwist in the morning and wear a wavy looking style called a "twist out"

There are numerous YouTube video demonstrating these looks. The youtubers that I learned the most from on these styles are MahoganyCurls, Sheacocoluv, and NappyChronicles. They all had TWAs(TWA-teeny weeny afro)like I did. There are literally hundreds of great videos out there. So check out the "Blogs I Follow" to the right of the screen, and the Youtube vids to the lower right of the screen.

I hope this helps! Let me know if anything needs further explaining!
God bless...

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