Thursday, July 28, 2011

Twists on Dry Stretched Hair Vs. Wet Using Banding Method

Hello everyone! I'm feeling my twists today because they are longer looking and fuller looking!! What i did:

I tried twists on dry stretched hair today unlike usual where I just twist right out of the shower on towel dried damp hair. I prepared my hair the night before by applying Knot Today Leave-in conditioner and then putting my hair in goody bands aka "Banding" Method. You may recall me talking about this months ago...Banding looks like this:

So I put my hair in bands, threw on a satin bonnet and went to bed as it dried. The next morning I took down one banded piece at a time and applied some Jane Carter Nourish and Shine butter and twisted all of my hair into small twists. I applied aloe vera gel and twisted most of my ends with it to curl them up the way I like. And this is the result:

*note my twists have a more elongated, fuller look than the set I did a couple of weeks ago*

Hope this was helpful to someone. Give it a try and let me know what you think! I will try this method again with my hair butter next time to see if I get similar results!


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