Thursday, June 30, 2011

How I Wash My Daughter's Natural Hair

FYE Kids

“Grandma taught Mama to love her skin. Mama taught us to love our curves. We will teach our daughters to love their hair.#naturalhair“

@kissmycurls ( Twitter)

*I wash my daughter’s hair in 4 quadrants. I use ouchless ponytail holders to hold each section. I shampoo all four quadrants separately, making sure not to tangle the hair. I rinse then add conditioner and detangle using my wide tooth comb and Denman brush. I then rinse with cool water. (with all 4 quadrants still in ponytail holders). Then I style her hair using leave-in conditioner and a styling cream or butter. For more details or questions, go to my facebook page ( I will be uploading video tutorials soon!

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